Fall 2015 Tournament suggestions


May 21, 2015 by osokoya

Hey Runners!

If you are interested in seeing a specific tournament this semester feel free to let us know. Leave your suggestion as a comment here or if you have time stop by The Roost and fill out one of our comment cards.


4 thoughts on “Fall 2015 Tournament suggestions

  1. Joe says:

    Host more Roost Olympics doesn’t have to have a big prize every time. Just a shirt is cool. Plus more pool/ air hockey tournaments

    • osokoya says:

      We’re glad you enjoyed our Roost Olympics. We will be hosting another one Nov.10th – Nov12th, but this one will be a little different. Check back later for more information on the event.

  2. Nestor says:

    More Fifa tournaments

  3. Perry Cannon says:

    Defenitely a Fifa 15 tournament

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