Roost Etiquette

Why Roost Etiquette?

The Roost is a facility under the University Center  and is part of the University of Texas at San Antonio, therefore we ask for your best behavior at The Roost.  Being in an environment such as the roost where the atmosphere can be ecstatic and fun, this may lead to one being out of self control. We must bear in mind that as students  and faculty of the University of Texas at San Antonio, our behavior and actions not only define us partially but rather also represents our University as well. Throughout the year The Roost welcomes visitors from many places as well as different ages, so we therefore ask to be at your best behavior and respectful to others. Below are some expectations which will allow all patrons of The Roost to enjoy their visit to the fullest.


  • Respect one another– in order to provide a friendly environment, please respect one other
  • Refrain from the use of Profanity– UTSA is a diverse university with different cultures; in order to provide a comfortable environment with respect for everyone, please do not use profanity.
  • Be Patient when waiting– It is our goal to provide the best experience at The Roost, however, there may be many times where you may be put on a waitlist. We will try our best to check out your designated equipment on time as well as formally.
  • Please ask before moving furniture– At The Roost, we strive for the best accommodation for all patrons.
  • Report any problem you may encounter while at The Roost– if you encounter any problem or concerns please advice us at the checkout area and we will try our best to resolve any problems, issues, or concerns.
  • Respect the Equipment Provided for your use– Remember, The Roost is for all UTSA Students, which means the equipment we check out for use is used by all students and faculty members of UTSA. We therefore ask to take care of the equipment and report any problems or damage to the equipment you may encounter or have caused.
  • Have any ideas suggestions or comments?  Don’t forget to leave your suggestions, comments, or ideas in the suggestion/ comment box located at the main entrance of The Roost. Just fill in the comment card located there and insert into the box.




Make sure to leave feedback on your Roost experience here.


Hours & Info

(210) 458-6069
Mon.-Thurs.: 8:00am -11:00pm
Friday: 8:00am-12:00am
Saturday: 1:00pm-12:00am
Sunday: 1:00pm-11:00pm (through May)
Sunday: CLOSED (effective June 2016)

Make sure to leave feedback on your Roost experience here.
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